Celebs Who Swear By Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

While you probably won’t hear of many celebrities who swear by the Cabbage diet, it hasn’t taken long for the Green Coffee Bean Extract diet to be the talk of Hollywood with all number of celebs allegedly falling in love with this new wonder diet and we have to say if we could look like any of the five below then we’d be more than happy!!

1.  Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez green coffee bean

Okay let’s be honest, if green coffee beans allow us to look half as good as this Hispanic beauty then we’d be really happy. A woman who pays close attention to what she eats and regularly works out to keep that body looking great, if she believes green coffee beans can help her look even better then we’re in!

2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry Green Bean

Another darling of the pop world rumoured to be taking green coffee beans to help maintain that stunning physique, Katy Perry is definitely looking good on it. What we’re not too sure of is whether John Mayer also comes free with a purchase or if she got him elsewhere.

3. Demi Moore


Long being one of the woman of Hollywood that every woman in the world wanted to look like, Demi has always worked hard to make sure she looks her best, not just the cameras, but also to make sure she’s fit and healthy to look after her family. Another ringing endorsement of green coffee bean extract if the rumours are true!



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